Personal Coaching

Get faster with us

Would you like to improve your performance, race line, driving technique and lap times? Then you are at the right place with the [APAX] ACADEMY! Here you will learn how to become safer and faster on the course. With an individual coaching program, our performance coaches bring you to your goal and move your limits.

When coaching, one of our experienced coaches sits next to you to see exactly how you act behind the steering wheel and react with the right recommendations. Of course, you are also co-pilot, and therefore can see the course from the professional's eyes. By means of data and video recordings with the newest technology, the Race Navigator One or Pro, we can compare your laps and analyse mistakes and your progress simply and directly, straight after getting out of the car.

No matter where your current level is - we’re looking forward to speeding up together!


Individual Coaching Program

Our individual coaching program is precisely tailored for you and designed for your personal goals, strengths and weaknesses.
At the first track day coaching, where we get to know each other, we determine your current level and define your aims and intermediate goals together. On the way to your personal goals, we work with individual training modules, developed by professionals and individually defined for each race track. In order to increase your performance continuously, we focus on individual modules during your coaching program session by session and work out all aspects of safe and fast driving on the race track. We not only support you directly on the spot, but also provide you with all data and onboard recordings as well as reference laps and other useful information.




Track Day Coaching

Here you can see what our track day coaching includes:

  • Performance Check to determine your current level
  • Definition of your medium - and long-term goals
  • Analysis of your strengths and weaknesses by means of data, onboard recordings and personal foundings based on years of experience.
  • Optimal support through an active coaching from the passenger seat with reference laps done by the coach.
  • Monitoring of success and feedback in form of a daily summary, prospect and onboard videos (including reference laps)
  • Individually tailored coaching program to achieve your long-term goals on request

Fit for Race

Are you planning to enter professional motorsports? Even if you do not yet have any racing experience, we will be happy to accompany you on your journey from the track-day-driver to the racing-driver and prepare you in an optimal way to make this step.

Race Support

You are an experienced racing amateur and would like to improve your performance targets and wish for a personal contact who valuably supports you on the race day? No problem! We offer you an individual program for a perfect preparation and will help you on track.

Driver training in small groups

Are you interested in a group coaching? Two to three persons a day are not a problem.

  • Lead and follow
  • Theoretical track knowledge
  • Learning of the racing line
  • Communication of all drivers via radio equipment in each vehicle

You are interested in a Coaching with us?

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